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Why I am running for City Council of Glen Cove

Why I am running for City Council of Glen Cove:
I am a lifelong resident of the City of Glen Cove. I would like to rescind any decision the Glen Cove Industrial Development Agency (IDA) has made pertaining to property tax exemptions. I would also abolish the Industrial Development Agency (IDA). This is a form of corporate welfare, which does not benefit the residents of the City of Glen Cove. It is unfair for Glen Cove residents to pay for these projects that developers should pay for. I would also like to address the lack of affordable housing in Glen Cove. The City of Glen Cove has approved many projects for luxury apartments and only left aside 10 percent for affordable units. These units set aside are not affordable. They are based on a gross income of 80-130% above the federal poverty rate. This is based on 30 percent of your total gross income. How could a person that makes above federal poverty rate wages afford to pay a base rate of 30% of their total gross income. I would require that this be based no more than 20% of your net income. Long time Glen Cove residents have been displaced from their homes and forced out of Glen Cove due to market rate rents.

My Agenda
  1. Rescind any Industrial Development Agency (IDA) decisions and abolish the Glen Cove IDA.
  2. Establish local affordable housing units based on net income not gross income.
  3. Stop the over development of Glen Cove. I.E. The waterfront, and down town luxury apartments.
  4. Transparency in local government.
    1. elect half of our
      1. planning board
      2. zoning and appeals board
    2. approve mayoral positions by city council
  5. Police accountability
    1. mental health training
    2. ethnic and racial sensitivity training
    3. stop enforcement of open bottle containers and marijuana arrests
    4. elect an internal review board
    5. monthly community meeting with the chief of police and a public relations department
  6. No immigration enforcement.
    1. The police department job
      1. fight crime not enforce immigration laws
      2. build a trust in the immigrant community legal or not. The immigrant community should not have to report a crime out of fear of deportation.

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Happy Birthday Ajamu

I want to wish a belated birthday greeting to our Green Party VP candidate Ajamu Baraka, whose birthday was October 25th: Mazel tov.

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La Shana Tova 5777

I would like to wish everyone a La Shana Tova 5777. Happy and healthy New Year and let this new year be with peace, justice, and prosperity for our fellow working class people around the world. Let all the hate turn to coming together. Lets hope this will be the year finally that Israelis and Palestinians will come to the table and talk and resolve all past and current disputes and work together for the good of all and be partners together for the working class.

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Anti BDS legislation violates 1st amendment rights.

bds-logoI recently attended a Nassau County legislative meeting and all 19 of the legislatures voted for anti BDS legislation, banning anyone involved in BDS actions from doing business with Nassau County. The meeting was packed with students from Rambam school. These students ranged in age from 12-14. They packed the legislature. I was the only one present who spoke out against this legislature. I asked the legislators who were there not to vote for it on the grounds that it violated the 1st amendment and blacklisted organizations from doing business with the county if they actively supported BDS. I also asked them where there loyalties were —the United States or Israel — and reminded them took an oath to uphold the US and NY State Constitutions and the Nassau County charter. I asked them why theypushed this through so quickly — within a week — while the PBA president would not entertain reopening the sixth precinct in Nassau County and making repairs to the building. I then told them that voting in favor of this is a slap in the face to veterans who came back maimed or troops who were killed.

My good friend in my firehouse was just awarded the spot of Grand Marshal in  the Memorial Day parade. I told him what they did and he was outraged as a veteran and an active VFW member. I told them that the previous speakers who spoke in favor of this legislation did not speak on behalf of me as an American Jew or the majority of American Jews.

I also pulled an Archie Bunker on the 19 legislators. Watch the first episode, Archie Meets Meathead.  I think it was twelve minutes into the episode where Archie spoke the last few verses of G-d Bless America and than yelled the last part out. I believe the legislative session was recorded (see Monday May 27th meeting).

I am asking that the Green Party SC align themselves with organization such as Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and other peace groups and, yes,even  the unlikely allies of the tea party folks, the Libertarians, etc.,  and the all veterans organizations. Yes: they will support this to stop the assault on free speech. We can work with these types of organizations and, yes, we might not have a lot in common but they will sure as hell support us on free speech and association.

Can we look into this and get a class action suit against the state and Nassau County?

(Click here to read the editorial I wrote that was published in the Glen Cove Record Pilot)

Thank You.

Jeffery Peress

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